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Why Your Website Needs a Gallery Page

So your plumbing business has a beautiful website which is informative and professional, but you don’t yet have a gallery page. Well, in our blog here at Expert Trades, we’ve explained exactly why your website should have a gallery page and how crucial it is for small businesses who provide services to add this to their online presence.




How often do you visit websites with the intention of making a purchase or visiting their business, just to find out there’s very little visual presence of their business on their website? It isn’t promising to say the least! As for tradesmen, by adding a wide range of images of your services, you can show transparency and pride with your work. In addition to this, quality is another reason to add a gallery page to your website. With a gallery page, you can highlight the quality of your skills, team or the projects you’re working on.


Help Customers Envision


Showcasing the results of your hard work can help website visitors/potential customers envision how they could benefit from similar services. For example, if you have fitted a beautiful bathroom and uploaded the results to your gallery page, a potential customers may envision a brand new bathroom for their own home and contact you for your services. So, show potential customers exactly what you can do and start highlighting the work you have achieved on your website via a gallery page.


First Impressions


Unlike physically visiting a business, your website is the first impression of your business that potential customers may find. This said, you should consider a gallery page as it could improve on your customers first impression of your trade business. So, do you want to stand out online? Start building a brilliant collection of images on your website.




The final point we’d like to make in this blog post about why your website needs a gallery page, is SEO. Producing new content, whether its blog posts, new reviews or adding gallery images, is great for SEO and helping your website climb Google search results. If this isn’t a reason to consider a gallery page for trade business, then we don’t know what is!

On that note, thank you for reading our blog post. Want to start winning more work for your trade business in the United Kingdom? Great! We want you to win more work too; and that’s why we offer a website package and an SEO package to tradesmen across the U.K. Find out more about our services following the links provided.