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Why Trades Should Use Facebook

Facebook provides a fantastic platform for trades to promote their business, engage with new and existing customers and re-advertise to previous website visitors. That’s why we think all trades should use it, as we’ve explained in further detail below…

Facebook is free to use

It’s completely free to setup a Facebook business page. Need we say any more? Of course it might take time to grow the page (maybe share it to family and friends to begin with) and post regular status updates, but for the sake of getting your company name and its services out there in the local community, it’s very much worth it!

Find your trade

In the UK in 2016, there were over 36.68 million active Facebook users; that’s well over half of the UK population. That’s a huge audience! Of course, only a small percentage of these active users will be located in your local area and an even smaller percentage will be looking for a local trade, but still, you’ll be left with at least a few hundred potential customers. All you need to do is ensure that these few hundred people can find your business online – Facebook is a great place to start!
It’s also important to highlight that over 10 million of these active users were in the 25-34-age range. It has never been more important to get your business online in order to get custom from younger audiences.

Drive customers to your website

Smart businesses use their Facebook business page for more than just uploading pictures and updating their status. Smart businesses will drive traffic from their Facebook page to their website. You might do this by creating a post about a service that you offer and linking that service to a page on your website. Linking the two together can be extremely beneficial for your business.

Customer engagement

Two weeks ago we published an article that highlighted the importance of collecting online reviews for trades. Facebook provides a fantastic platform that enables just that. Except it differs to other platforms – Facebook allows you to respond to reviews, i.e. thank customers for positive reviews or more importantly, respond to negative reviews.
By engaging with existing customers and making it visible to the general public, your company will stand out above the rest. So many businesses ignore reviews – avoid ignoring them and you can change the way that your brand/trade is perceived.

Re-advertise to website visitors

If you have a Facebook business page and a business website, you can install a Facebook Pixel. An active Facebook pixel on a website allows you to remarket to customers that have already visited your website. For instance, if a customer has looked at the boiler installation page on your website and then clicked on the contact page, but hasn’t filled out the contact form, you can send out an advertisement to tell them to essentially carry on where they left off. Take a look at the video below to get a better understanding of how to make the most of Facebook Pixel:

Join Expert Trades

Facebook is completely free and you can benefit from all of the above. We really recommend using it as a starting point to getting your business online. Our website package can give you a hand in getting started, it includes the development of a Facebook profile picture and cover photo and we can install the Facebook pixel too. Take a look here and join our ever-growing community of trade professionals.

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