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Website Package Update

Here’s what is happening

When a trade signs up to our Website Package, we build the website once we have everything we need. Once this build has been completed, we send a preview across to the trade so that we can make sure they are 100% happy with the site before it goes live. Once we’ve worked through any feedback, we then get the website up and running.

We understand that our trades are busy, that’s often why they choose us to build their website. We fully appreciate that getting feedback across to us can take weeks after they’ve seen a preview. However, we have a number of trades we have not heard back from for over a month. 

Throughout the process, we make regular efforts to contact all customers through phone calls, emails and text messages.

The impact

Our business model means that the setup fee we charge only just covers the cost of building the website.

As we ask for just half of the setup fee in advance and only set up a monthly subscription once the website is live, this means that we make a loss until the site is up and running.

We incur further costs once a website has been built on our server as it costs us money each month to pay for the hosting of that site, even if it hasn’t yet gone live. 

Here is what we are doing

We are forced to move these inactive websites off our servers on September 15th due the ongoing costs we are incurring.

An email and SMS will be going out to affected customers on September 1st letting them know that their website will be taken off of our server if we do not receive their complete feedback by September 15th. 

If these customers miss the deadline but would like to get the ball rolling on their website further down the line, we will need to ask them to pay a reconnection fee of £100 + VAT. 

This fee is to cover our developer’s time to move the website back onto our server, which is a manual and time-intensive process. 

We made this post to make sure it’s clear for all

We wanted to make sure that all of our customers stayed up to date with what’s happening. 
If you have a question regarding this, please reach out to our Website Services Manager, Matthew Ford, by sending an email to Thank you.