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Why pay to win work when you can win it for free?

Make paying for work a thing of the past.
Join Verified, the UK’s only free trade directory with no subscription fee and no lead fees.

Join Verified

Nothing should go between you and your customers.

Running a business in the trade is expensive, so why should you have to pay money to win work too?

You shouldn’t.

And that’s why we built Verified; to help trades like you cut out middle men companies that are cutting into your profits and help you win work for free.

Win work for free with no subscription fee & no lead fees.

Collect reviews, recommendations & show off your accreditations.

Put a link to your own website and boost its ranking potential on Google.

Verified is easy for everyone.

We’ve made Verified easy for homeowners and easy for you in the trade.

Search. Choose. Contact.

Whether you’re a plumber, electrician or an expert upholstery cleaner, we’ve made it easy for homeowners to find your business on Verified.

They search, choose and get in touch; no unnecessary complications and no middle man in-between.

Manage your profile wherever you are.

We’ve made it easy for you to manage your Verified profile on the go with our free Expert Trades app for your phone/tablet.

Collect reviews, answer homeowner questions and edit your profile no matter where you are.

Join Verified

Join Expert Trades.

Sign up to Expert Trades and download our free app on your phone; the best place to manage your Verified profile.

Create Your Verified Profile.

Add a description, select your skills and upload your insurance and we’ll add your business to Verified.

Win work for free.

As soon as you’re Verified, you can start collecting reviews and start winning work online for free.

Verified is your trade directory.

We built Verified in partnership with you in the trade; and we need your help to help it grow. Here’s how…

Share your advice with homeowners.

Rather than a subscription/lead fee, all we ask is that answer just 2 homeowner questions a month on Verified. We’ve explained the techy stuff below, but just know that your answers to these questions are important; they are what help homeowners find Verified on Google.

Share the love for Verified.

Whether you have a friend that you’d like to invite to Verified, or a family member that’s looking for a trade, make sure you tell them about Verified.

It’s the little wins that will help Verified succeed.

Join Verified

Have a question about Verified?

We keep Verified free because we make our money supporting brands in our industry with their marketing and sales. The more trades we support with Verified, the more value we can drive to our partner brands. It’s a true win-win.

We can’t give away all of our secrets, but we can tell you this…

We look at a number of factors when determining where your business ranks on Verified; the ones that you control are: the number of reviews you have, the number recommendations you’ve collected and the number of homeowner questions you have answered.

Hint: Do these as often as possible. 

Yes. We know that because we’ve done it before.

Tool Talk, a place where trades just like you can go and review tools, launched just over 2 years ago.

That website now gets over 100,000 views a month on Google because of the reviews published by you in the trade, so we’re using the same trick for Verified to help you win work for free.

But rather than reviewing tools, we’re asking you to answer questions from homeowners.

Why? Homeowners go to Google to undertake research before hiring a trade.

So, when a homeowner searches on Google: “how much is a house rewire?”, they’ll find the Verified website with advice from 1000’s of trades, and they’ll then be prompted to hire a trade from the community; in other words, they’ll be prompted to hire YOU.

Very. It takes 3-5 minutes to join. All you need to do is add your business details, add a company description, select your skills and send across your public liability insurance certificate so we can make sure you’re insured.

It’s easy to collect reviews/recommendations on Verified. You can send the person a link to your profile, or you can use our app to send a pre-populated message via text, email, Facebook or whatever you use asking them to leave a review/recommendation on your profile.

Reviews come from homeowners, recommendations come from trades.

Lot’s of trades work together with other trades, and we think it’s only fair that they, like homeowners, can write what they think about you and your business too.

We post regular updates in the Expert Trades Facebook Group, but the best place to keep up to date with what’s going on with Verified is by listening to our podcast Trade Talk, where we talk about everything from the number of trades on Verified, all the way to how well we’re performing on Google.