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How Does the Verified Search Algorithm Work?

Verified is officially live. So how does our new trade directory work? How do trades get to the top of Verified in their local area for all homeowners to see? We’ve revealed all (kind of)…

Our current launch algorithm (the secret sauce for how Verified works) is simple. We rank trades in order of how close they are to the postcode/city that homeowners use in the search.

That isn’t the best way to do it, we know.

Thankfully, our future algorithm update (called Catalan after our clever Catalan developer Marc who built it) is a little more sophisticated…

The future of the Verified algorithm…

Just like Google can’t give away its secrets for getting to the top of the search results, we can’t give away all of our secrets for getting to the top of Verified.

We can tell you this though: our new algorithm will not prioritise where you’re based over everything else on your profile.

More specifically, Catalan will identify trades within a set mile radius and then order the results based on how active the profiles within that area are, whilst simultaneously taking into account other deciding factors. That means to say that answering homeowner questions, collecting reviews from customers and collecting recommendations from other trades will always be important in the search.

There are other deciding factors, but like we said, we can’t share all of our secrets!

Catalan in action

Here’s an example of Catalan in practice:

Homeowner John is looking for an electrician in B1 Birmingham.

– Electrician A is based in B1 Birmingham and has answered 0 homeowner questions, has two 5* reviews and 1 recommendation.

– Electrician B is based in B3 Birmingham (9 miles away from where the customer is) and has answered 12 homeowner questions, has sixteen 5* reviews and three 4* reviews and 2 recommendations from other trades.

Our current algorithm will always rank Electrician A first because the trade is closer to the customer.

Catalan however, will almost always rank Electrician B first because they’re within our chosen radius, they’ve kept their profile active and for argument’s sake, they’ve also met our remaining deciding factors.

Parting notes

It’s important to note that it’s not a race to the finish. Trades that keep their profile active and keep on collecting reviews, answering questions etc. will reap the benefits of Verified.

So when we said that we need you to answer 2 homeowner questions a month, that’s a little tip :).

Are you a Verified Trade?

If you haven’t got a Verified profile yet, please visit our Verified Trades page to learn more about Verified. You can read about why Verified exists and find out why you should join thousands of other trade professionals looking to make a change in this industry.