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Using Twitter For Trades

Twitter isn’t for everybody and every trade, but it is great for sharing updates, photos and videos whilst simultaneously promoting a business online. So, how do trades get the most out of Twitter?
Twitter is what it is. Use it as a promotional tool and expand your audience…

Follow others on Twitter

You’ve got some great content ideas, but no followers to showcase that content to. It’s time to follow others. Why? It’s likely they’ll follow you back and the more followers you have, the more people there are to see your content.
Initially, mutually follow family and friends. Once you’re happy with your following, try following other local businesses in your area. For instance, if you’re an electrician in Tamworth, try following small local shops/services in Tamworth. If they need an electrician, hopefully they’ll think of your business because they’ve seen your content on their Twitter feed, which brings us on to the next point…

Regular posts

Don’t be scared to post a couple of updates each week. If you’ve just finished a job and have some photos to show the hard work off, share them. Alternatively, if you’ve published a new blog post that you think would be helpful, share it. Linked to this, a common mistake made by small business owners is to share a blog post only once and then forget about it. Instead, try sharing the post a couple of times a month but reword the promotion so it doesn’t become stale to followers.
The theory behind regular posts is that anybody following you will automatically have your business top of mind if there ever comes a need to hire somebody in your trade.

Twitter #hashtags

Research relevant hashtags and use them on each relevant post. For instance, if you’re a plumber in Manchester, use #Manchester, #Plumber. Anybody searching for those hashtags will see your post, particularly if people have engaged with it…

Twitter loves engagement

Twitter pushes posts with high engagement to the top of the news feed. The trick? If people have replied to a post, reply to them individually on the post itself and encourage conversation – that’s what Twitter was designed for. It helps give the business a personal touch too…
Using video on Twitter is great for encouraging engagement. Sprout Social found that Twitter videos are 2.5x more likely to get commented on, 2.8x more likely to get retweeted (shared) and 1.9x more likely to get favourited. Finished installing a new bathroom? Create a short, artistic video and share it on Twitter, easy as that!

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