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How Trades Can Win More Customers Online

If you’re a trade that’s new to the online scene, or you’re a trade that’s interested in winning more customers online, this short guide is designed with you in mind…

Who are your customers?

Before we start thinking about how to win more customers online, you need to first think about who your customers are, or rather, who you want your customers to be.
Maybe start by creating some marketing personas. In short, a marketing persona is a composite sketch of a key segment of your target audience. In theory, when you can put a name and background to people, you can hopefully meet their needs even better. We’d recommend creating three to five personas, large enough to cover the majority of your target audience, but small enough to still be specific.
Below is a very basic example of a marketing persona in action for a kitchen installer:

Once you’re happy with your persona, you can then use all of the information to build a marketing message and then push out the right content to the right people to win more customers online. We’ll use our kitchen installer example throughout the rest of this post…

Go social to win more customers online

We’ve previously published a post on why trades should use Facebook, so we won’t repeat ourselves too much, but Facebook and other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and even Pinterest are a great way for trades to get their business online.
With social media you can start collecting reviews, share kitchen renovation images, share expert industry knowledge and helpful tips, freely promote your services or advertise your services through paid advertisements.
Think about the persona that you’re targeting and start creating/pushing content based on that and start winning more customers online. For example, a kitchen installer might start pushing high-end renovation gallery images onto their Facebook business page and might start pushing paid advertisements to people that have liked premium kitchen design pages on Facebook.


If you have a website, adding fresh meaningful content is vital to helping your website rank. You can do this in a number of ways. You can add dedicated kitchen installation landing pages, kitchen gallery images, collect reviews from customers that have had a kitchen renovation in the past or create entertaining blog posts that discuss kitchen refurbishment ideas, for example.
Remember to write the content aimed at the people described in your marketing personas. If you’re looking to target landlords in Tamworth, on a basic level, the keywords that you should try and rank for should be “kitchen installation, Tamworth, landlord”. In short, the more quality content that you create, the more content there is for search engines to notice. The more content noticed, the higher the website will rank and the higher it ranks, the more customers you’ll win online.


Run a couple of promotions online. For instance, on your websites offers page, offer a free cooker installation for every customer that buys a new kitchen. Or on Facebook, offer a free set of quality kitchen utensils to one lucky customer that’s shared a specific kitchen renovation post. Just be careful not to devalue your service!

Online directories

Join directories so customers can find your business. On the organic search listings, if you type in “kitchen installer Tamworth”, the first three results that rank are all directory pages,, checkatrade and ratedpeople.
Of course, these are all directory pages that cost, so we’d always recommend going down the free directory route too. Google My Business is the best place to start and of course, Google will always push its own services to the top of a page. List yourself as a kitchen installer in Tamworth and away you go; you’re at the top of the page. Just remember to list your website and contact details!

Join Expert Trades

Of course, there are other ways to start winning more customers online. Join an ever-growing community of 1000’s of other likeminded trade professionals and we’ll help you get started.