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Five Reasons Your Trade Business Needs a Website

Having a website is crucial these days. Not only for having an online presence for your business, but it can also generate your business leads, sales and help you build your business! Find out the five reasons your trade business needs a website.

Your Customers Expect a Website

In this digital day and age, having a website is more of an expectation from customers. They expect to be able to find you on social media; they expect to be able to find your website. Long gone are the days of mass print-based marketing and advertising materials, as businesses across the world take their marketing efforts online by simply having a website. Not having a website for your customers to visit could draw them away from paying for your products or services. If your trade business doesn’t currently have a website, then I guarantee your competition does; get online and start helping your customers find and connect with you!

Showcase Your Services and Expertise

Following on from customer expectation of your business having a website, it’s also a great way to showcase your skill-sets and services. For instance, focusing on tradesmen websites, it is a complete must that your website has a ‘Services’ menu to showcase just exactly what you can bring to the table! Customers want answers and they want them fast – Don’t leave them out the loop; forcing them to move on to your competitors website because theirs has all the information regarding the services or products they need.

Increase Your Google Search Engine Visibility

As we’ve mentioned many times before – Improving, enhancing and increasing your Google search visibility is an absolute must! Of course SEO (search engine optimisation) isn’t for everyone but simply having a website for your business is the next step towards helping customers find you online; no website, no search results. Believe it or not, half of all local businesses we know of do not have websites! Which half does your business fall into? Even if you never choose to optimise your website with SEO techniques, just having a website is a huge leap forward from not having any online presence.

Generate More Leads and Sales

If you’ve ever considered having a website, but thought that it may never generate you any leads or sales, think again! Having a website is like having an open door to your shop 24/7 – Even if you’re not selling products directly, you could still be popping up in front of the right customers on Google who will submit a quote request or simply get in touch with an enquiry. Imagine the benefits of a website with immaculate SEO that could increase leads and sales.

Having a website isn’t for everyone, but I bet you can’t think of five different types of businesses that do not need one! In our opinion here at Expert Trades, having a website is vital for all trade businesses and that’s where we’re here to help. If you’re a trade professional, get in touch and find out how we can take your business online to new heights.