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This is Why Your Website Needs SEO

More often than not, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is overlooked by businesses for its complexity and time-consumption. However, investing in SEO; whether it be by yourself or by an SEO Expert is an ever-growing must-have for your online presence! But why? Well have a read below for the key reasons for why your website needs SEO.

As a brief explanation of SEO, it is to increase your website content consistently so Google acknowledges the fact that your website is a lot more informative and active that your competitors; putting you above them in Google rankings.

Cost Effective

Believe it or not, there are a few economic reasons that make SEO an advantage for your business, which is why it’s great for small and local businesses. Whilst SEO can take weeks and months to take effect; it can eventually offer a great return on investment for your trade website.

Search Engines are Where Customers Begin

This one is an obvious reason but one that will surprise you when you hear it – Search Engines such as Google. are where nearly enough all customers begin their purchasing journey! So if you’re not optimising your website for search engines, then you could be potentially losing out on leads and sales everyday!

Sets Businesses apart

Having a professional online presence with high visibility on Google is crucial! It sets business apart from their competition. There are so many factors that can contribute to generating customers and losing customers; even down to the quality of your website imagery and design! Having an optimised website can boost you to new limits and beyond by building authority with blogging, ranking higher in Google and having a more professional appearance online with Google My Business listings. As I said, there’s plenty of features that set businesses apart and can make or break yours, so make sure your content is optimised and that you’re reaching higher Google rankings to put your competition beneath you in Google searches.

1000s of local Google results

Competition is rife in search engines such as Google. Your website, Facebook business page and Google my Business listing are not the only results to come up in search engines., What could those hundreds of additional Google search results be? Your competition.

Why does this matter? Because SEO will set you apart and if done properly, will put you higher and higher in Google search results. What you have to remember is that Google locates millions of results for your searches and each and every result will have a Google ranking. Performing SEO to a great standard will build your Google ranking and enhance your visibility!

Sometimes SEO can be a long-term process of creating content and keeping the content unique, fresh and consistent. It isn’t the easiest marketing technique to implement and can take both time and knowledge.

If you have read this post and completely understand just how impactful SEO can be, why not find out more about our SEO services that we can offer your trade business at Expert Trades?