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The Best Way to Use Easy Estimates

Easy Estimates is a great way to cut out the time-wasters holding your business back. In this blog post, we’ll cover off a big problem facing many engineers, how Easy Estimates can help and the best way to use the tool.

The issue facing many engineers

One of the biggest problems facing engineers is time-wasters. Quoting for a new boiler installation takes a significant amount of time and therefore costs the business money. For many sole traders and small businesses, taking a couple hours to quote for a job that they won’t win is something they can’t afford to do.

In many cases, people enquiring about a new boiler are not genuine leads. Whether they are unaware of how expensive a new boiler install is, or for whatever reason, these leads end up falling through.

Furthermore, customers in this day and age are looking for faster answers than ever. This tool allows you to service these customers and get them into your sales pipeline without any effort on your part.

Where Easy Estimates can help you

With Easy Estimates by Expert Trades, you can help cut out wasting time by directing potential customers to this easy-to-use tool.

Instead of having to visit their property, potential customers do the job for you and answer a few questions about their property and needs.

If the potential customer is put off by the pricing of a new boiler installation, then you can move on with your day without having to visit their property and carry out a survey and quote.

However, if the customer is happy with what they see, you get notified straight away with their contact details. When you receive this notification, you know that this potential customer is a pre-qualified lead and worth your time.

The Best Way to Use Easy Estimates

If a potential customer gets in touch by email, it’s as easy as sending them a link to your website. If the person gives you a call, just direct them to your website or ask for their email address so you can send the link to them.

For a demo of Easy Estimates by Expert Trades, please click here.

*Please note that Easy Estimates by Expert Trades is exclusive to Website Package customers.