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The Art Of Creating The Perfect Quote

There is an art to creating the perfect quote. Even the most professional trades don’t win every job they quote for and there are a lot of different factors go into a job. Let’s take a look at what you can do to maximise the amount of job that you quote for…

Take The Initiative: Sent Your Quotes Early.

“The sooner you get a quote to a customer, the more likely you are to win their business”. This is a great mantra to live by when it comes to sending out quotes. It’s important to keep in mind that most people ask for multiple quotes depending on the kind of job they need.

If you wait too long on sending a quote out, it give another trade time to swoop in and win the job before you so once you have a good gauge of a job, send a quote straight away to increase your chance of stay top of mind.

Cost vs Value: Strike The Right Balance.

Professional trades are used to making accurate estimates, and it is an important skill to have. Taking everything into account is an aspect of the job that is crucial for a customer so make sure to strike a balance between profit and cost.

It’s a good idea to work on a set type of pricing depending on your trade and the job itself. Getting a good understand of how long a job will take is a question that will be important to your customer but it’s also important to accurately judge the way you should charge for a job, factoring in travel and time.

Don’t forget that you should not always be the cheapest. Customers might think cheapest is best but professional trades understand that going too cheap, too often won’t work in the long run. Make it your aim to do a quality job everytime time someone hires you because, as with most things in life, the cheapest is not always the best.

Build Some Trust: Show Off Your Previous Work.

In this day and age, homeowners are spoiled for choice when it comes to hiring a trade and so you should always be doing your utmost to be setting yourself apart from the competition. One way of doing this is including reviews of previous work you have done as it reduces their anxiety to hire you for the job.

If you’re a member of any trade associations or schemes, be sure to say so. In our experience, association to a well-known and reputable organisation such as the Gas Safe Register does wonders for instilling trust in the homeowner.

There are some core things every success quote should have:

  • A clear description of the job. It doesn’t have to take into account every aspect of the job but we recommend that you outline a job in a sentence or two, rather than a couple words.
  • Set a professional expectation. Make it clear what is included in the job and even clearer what is not included. By making this clear from the start, you avoid misinterpretations of what is expected. It’s important to layout what kind of payment structure you want to use for the job and materials. Does your business take a deposit at the start of a job as standard? Do you usually ask customers to pay for materials? However you operate, make it clear to your customer from the very start.
  • Don’t make your prices too detailed. This might sound counter intuitive but there is a good reason for this point. Sadly, sometime homeowners ask for quotes so they can pass that information onto another trader. The best way to avoid this is to make it clear on cost, but leave room for problems or higher costs that may be needed.

It also comes back to our first point. Nobody likes to wait, so take the opportunity to send a quote the same day where possible. Many people don’t expect such a rapid response, and that can help them keep you top of mind as they make their decision.

Save Yourself Time: Get Back On The Tools Quicker

Using templates or systems that allow you to save settings and line item pricing will speed up quote creation so you can get back on the tools quicker.

We made it our aim when developing our office package to make it as easy as possible for trades to create professional quotes and invoices in minutes. Consistency is very important when it comes to quotes so that’s why our platform allows you to create a tailored template that pulls in all the data and information you need automatically such as customer address and terms and conditions important to your job.  Once you have used the system once, any line items you have ever used can be saved and used quickly next time you are building a quote.

Remember To Stay Top Of Mind.

After you’ve sent the quote, there is still more you can do to increase your chances of winning a job. The best way to do this is to be top of mind to your customer. There are many different ways to do this but one way to do this is to follow up the quote with a reminder.

Our office package allows you to set reminders by email and SMS after you have sent a quote out and can even tell you if the customer has read it or if it has fallen into their spam folder, meaning that you can keep track of your quote easily and stay top of mind. It is still a good idea to follow up in a different form than the quote in a way that is valuable to the customer.

If you sent the quote by email, try sending a text offering to find a time you can speak to answer any questions they may have or to confirm that they received the quote and that it made sense to them. It may not seem like much but taking the time to really listen and care about your customers can really help you stand above other trades in your area.

Bringing It All Together.

There are so many factors that go into creating a winning quote. The important thing to remember is going to extra mile for your customers and making sure that they know that you have really listened to what they have said is what will help you win more and more jobs. There are many trades that do professional work, but if you can show that you go above and behind, you will be more likely to be the one to win the job.

How our quotes and invoices software for trades can help you stay on the tools!

We built our office package with our members in mind, and every feature should help you making running your business easier so you can focus on the part of the job that you enjoy. Being on the tools!

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