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SEO For Trades: Link Building

SEO For Trades : Link Building

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of a successful SEO strategy is the building of links. We’re going to quickly touch upon why this is the case, as well as ways to go about doing it.

Why is it important?

Links have such sway with search engines because they are a great indication of a site’s authority. If a website has hundreds of other trustworthy, relevant and non-spammy websites linking back to it, search engines such as Google will consider that website as a valuable resource on a specific topic.

As well as this, search engines are able to analyse links to discover how links are related to each other and in what ways.

Have a look at who’s linking back to your competitor’s website by using the free Open Site Explorer tool from Moz. Just type the URL into the search bar and a list of the websites backlinking to specified URL will appear. Make a search for the keyword phrase you are trying to rank for and have a look at the website backlinking to that.

So how do I link build?

SEO For Trades and link building may seem overwhelming to begin, and you may think that it’s not something that a sole trader needs to think about but here are a few ideas on where to start:

    1. Keep a regularly updated, valuable blog: people are much more likely to share information they believe is valuable than a blog that has been created for the sake of blogging.
    2. Write a guest blog post: For example, we offer our members the opportunity to write blog posts that feature on our blogTo gain authority with search engines like Google, you’ll need the help of a few partners, the more popular the better.
    3. Share on social media: Search engines don’t treat social media links the same way they do with other links, but social sharing is important nonetheless! Get into the habit of sharing the blog posts on your website on your business’s social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter. This will increase visibility of your website and will make it more likely that other websites will link to yours in the future.

Strategies to avoid!

Before you start scheming of ways to game the system, keep in mind that Google and the like put a lot of time and effort into finding ways to detect fraudulent link building systems. Websites caught buying links or involved in links schemes will be actively punished by search engines such as Google and Bing. For example, arranging reciprocal links (I link to you and you link to me) aren’t as effective as you may think.

Also, when developing a link building strategy, think quality over quantity. Don’t sign up to every directory under the sun. Instead, make sure that the websites that will be linking back to your website are relevant to your trade and are reliable & trustworthy themselves.

To sum up

To quickly sum up, links are used by search engines to measure a website’s popularity, trust & authority. Because of this, you should keep link building in mind when embarking on an SEO strategy. Avoid partaking in any unsavoury link building schemes but rather focus on creating valuable, quality content and promoting that content in the best way you can.

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