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Responding To Negative Reviews For Trades

Almost all trades fear negative reviews because they’re concerned that they’ll negatively influence customers in the future. However, here at Expert Trades we’d argue that negative reviews aren’t all that bad; it just depends on how you respond…

Stats about reviews

  • 88% of consumers read reviews to determine the quality of a business’s customer service (of which 76% state that customer service is the true test of how much a company values its customers)
  • 68% of consumers trust online reviews more when they see both good and bad ones
  • 30% of consumers assume that online reviews are fake if there are no negative reviews at all
  • Only 4% of consumers pay any attention to reviews submitted over a year ago

Use negative reviews as a learning curve

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that a negative review doesn’t mean to say that your products or services are bad. Rather, it might have been a mismatch of expectations or simply just a bad day for the customer (or the business).

Nevertheless, use negative reviews to understand what people are saying about your business and learn from them, take all of the negatives on-board and use them to boost customer service in the future. Don’t just take them with a pinch of salt; your business and customer service will be much better for it.

Opportunity to change

Second, recognise that there’s still an opportunity to change the mind of the person that left the negative review. After all, when somebody takes the time out of his or her day to leave a negative review about your business, it shows that they care. The ball is in your court to make the situation right and rebuild the relationship with that customer, which brings us onto our third point…

Showcase customer service

Use negative reviews as an opportunity to demonstrate fantastic customer service in front of a wider audience. Of course, we’d urge trades to take the time to respond to all reviews, but if you only have the time to respond to a few, ensure that you reply to the negative reviews. Listen to what the customer has said, recognise the mistake (even if it wasn’t entirely your fault), apologise, outline next steps to fix the problem/reimburse the customer and most importantly, make the reply personal. Referring back to the idea that 88% of consumers read reviews to determine the quality of a business’s customer service, this is a brilliant way to demonstrate just that!

Don’t remove negative reviews

Remember, 68% of consumers trust reviews more when there are both good and bad ones. Removing negative reviews removes that element of trust. How to respond? Carry on doing what you do best, urge all of your customers to leave an honest review and see the positive reviews roll in.

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When negative reviews are well handled and provide a fair balance between positive reviews, they can turn a hesitating visitor into a customer. Why not start collecting reviews today by getting Verified? It’s free! You’ll be joining thousands of other likeminded trade professionals.

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