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Ranking YouTube Videos For Trades

YouTube provides a fantastic platform for trade professionals to share work, advice and a passion for the trade in front of a huge target audience, but how do they get their videos noticed? If you’re a trade professional just starting out on YouTube, this short guide is designed with you in mind…

Professional YouTube Channel

Just like your work, it’s important to maintain professionalism and structure on your YouTube channel. Whilst a lack of such might not influence the rank of individual videos, it might discourage potential viewers and set a weak first impression. Ask yourself:

  • Are the channel colours consistent with the rest of the business (website, logo, vehicle etc.)?
  • Who am I subscribed to and are the subscriptions viewable by the general public?
  • Are the videos placed into relevant playlists to make for easy transition from one video to the next?
  • Does the about section accurately describe what the company does?

Quality videos

Take pride and make quality videos. Ensure that the picture/audio is clear and the content is concise, relevant and most importantly, entertaining/informative. Some of the most watched YouTube videos are how-to guides; maybe base your videos around this same principle?
It’s not necessary to aim for a specific length of time, just make sure the video meets all of the above criteria and it keeps the audience engaged because in short, the lower the bounce rate (influenced by the number of people that click on and immediately off a video) and the higher the interaction (likes, comments and shares), the better a video will rank.

YouTube titles, tags and descriptions

Using the correct title, tags and an informative description is highly important in influencing the rank of a YouTube video.


The importance of YouTube video titles cannot be understated. Make the title short, use keywords and don’t be afraid to use a little bit of clickbait to entice viewers in. For instance, “How a new boiler could save you £100’s”.


Use relevant tags so people can find your video. Keyword research is imperative. Maybe look at the titles of other people’s videos and use their keywords in your video tags?


First and foremost, use the description as an opportunity to link your website and create a call to action, place it right at the top so it’s the first thing people see. With regards to the description itself, we’d recommend writing at least 200 words of unique content, including keywords and information relevant to the video. Maybe add the transcript of the video if you’re struggling for ideas?

Share it

Once you’ve created your video, it’s essential to get it out there and get it viewed. How?

  • Embed the video onto your website
  • Share the video on all of your social media pages
  • Post your video on relevant forums/blogs, particularly useful where somebody is asking for a how-to guide

However, avoid spamming the video, this will do more harm than good!

Join Expert Trades

YouTube is just one example of content marketing and it’s just one unique way for trade professionals to build their reputation online. Here at Expert Trades, we pride ourselves on helping thousands of trade professionals improve the performance of their business online. Why not join us today?

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