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Optimised Tags for Trades Professionals

Tags are very important because they help achieve search engine optimisation and are useful for social sharing. Because of this, we think it’s something trades with websites should know the basics of.

What Are Page Titles & Descriptions?

Each page has its own title and description (also referred to as meta title & meta description). If you’re wondering what this is used for, it is used by browsers, search engines and other websites as a preview snippet for your website.

For example, if you share a link to your website on Facebook, the text that automatically appears is the page title & description. Likewise, if you do any search using Google, the page title features above the link of each result and the page description is the text that appears below. Page title & description are important, not only because they provide visitors with the first interaction of your website, but also because they have an impact on SEO. Be mindful that this text will read by both real people and search engines alike, so make sure that it is search engine optimised and at the same time makes sense to a human reader.

Page Titles

For the page title, also known as a title tag, Expert Trades recommend the length be between 55-60 characters, as this is the length that appears in Google search results. This text should include your chosen keywords, preferably as close to the beginning as possible. If you’re unsure about keywords, please read our blog on exactly that. You should have a strong idea of what keywords you’re focusing on before you set out and do any work with your SEO.

Page Descriptions 

For the page description, also known as a meta description tag, Expert Trades recommend the length of text be around 150-160 characters.These short descriptions do not hold the same sort of impact on search engine rankings as page titles do, but are important to get right nonetheless. This is the text that will appear on search engine results, and so a good page description will get a better click-through rate, meaning more people will visit your website. While the main purpose of this text is to appeal to potential visitors, you’ll want to include your keywords as well. This is because Google and other search engines bold keywords in the description when they match the search query.


It is incredibly important that you give titles to all of your images. Google can’t read images, and so uses this text to get a grasp of the images that are included on your website. Get into the habit of doing this every time you upload a photo to the website because tags for trades professionals are important.

Once you are confident with the keywords you’ve chosen, tagging your pages and images should be a straightforward process. Remember to keep the text you write both search engine friendly and human friendly.

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