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New Website Package updates: December 2019

At Expert Trades, we’re committed to constantly improve the Website Package we provide to our trades. Whether that’s improving the SEO of the websites we’ve built so that they rank more highly in Google, or improving the way they look and feel to increase the conversion of leads, we’re always striving to increase the value your website provides you.

Let’s cover off what’s included in our most recent Website Package updates below:

SEO Improvements

We have made some improvements to the core code of the Website Package to make it more search engine friendly.

Without going into to much technical detail, we have made improvements to the heading structure, removed some code that is no longer necessary and have made other changes to the core HTML code of the Website Package.

The great news is that you don’t have to do anything yourself to enjoy these benefits, these changes have been applied to your website automatically.

You can now ask customers for a full address

Previously, you were only able to ask for a postcode on the contact form of your website. While this keeps things nice and simple, we received a lot of feedback from some of our customers to say that they wanted to ask the full address. This is particularly useful to trades who have the Office Package, as you can add a customer and their full details with just one click!

You are now able to ask for the customer’s full address on your contact form.

Please note that this HAS NOT changed on your website automatically. If you would like to have this on your website, please contact the website team and we’ll be able to get this changed for you.

New styles for your website

We have designed a number of new styles that can be applied to your website, including the top of the homepage, the navbar, the Services section and the gallery section. If you would like to apply any of these new styles to your website, please contact the Website team and we can get this sorted for you.

Improvements to our anti-spam system

While there’s no way for us to block 100% of spam that comes through our customers’ websites, we have made improvements to our anti-spam system. This has been done with aim to reduce the amount of spam you receive through your website as much as possible.

If you still receive spam messages through your website in the future, please forward this over to the web team so we can take necessary steps to help prevent against similar messages in the future.

Customers can read full reviews more easily

We have also received feedback from our customers regarding the Reviews page. It was brought to our attention that it wasn’t very clear on how you could read a review in its entirety. Now, if it is a lengthy review, there is a ‘Read more’ link underneath that allows the customer to read the review in full. Once this link is clicked, a new page will open with the full review.

Showcase your Verified status

If you have a Verified profile and have collected at least one review, this banner will automatically appear on your website’s Reviews page. This helps explain the value of having your reviews Verified by Expert Trades to your potential customer. It also allows people visiting your website to easily leave you a review and view your Verified profile.

We’d love to hear from you

If you’d like to ask us a question about these Website Package updates, or if you have an idea for a future update you’d like to see, please get in touch with the Website team today!