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The Importance Of Collecting Online Reviews For Trades

What do we so often do before we book a hotel or visit a restaurant? We listen to the views of others. This same word-of-mouth attitude has been evident in the trades industry for decades. It still is; except times are moving on – consumers are now listening to the views of people online. 88% of people consider an online review to be just as trustworthy as a personal recommendation from a family member or friend.
This highlights the power of online reviews. Below we’ve outlined other reasons to further demonstrate their importance…

Increase sales

New customers are much more likely to hire a tradesperson that has 50 positive reviews and maybe 2-3 negative reviews compared to a tradesperson that has only 1 positive review. Why? Customers can get a much greater understanding of the services that the business offers and the way in which you work. If they’re impressed, they’ll get in touch.
It’s also important to remember that the odd negative review isn’t the end of the world. Negative reviews allow customers to make an informed decision about your services and they also allow the positive reviews to stand out a little more.

Better understand your customers

Reviews are a great way for tradespeople to understand what they do well and what they don’t do so well. Remember; try not to be put off by the negative reviews, its impossible to please everyone. Instead, use the negative reviews as an opportunity to identify areas where you can improve your work and your business. Maybe customers have commented on the untidiness whilst on the job or the lack of regular work updates. Work on these negatives and see the number of negative reviews reduced.

Improve SEO using reviews

Online reviews can boost SEO through two means:

First, the more that is written about your business, the more important search engines deem you to be. This is especially the case if the reviews about your business come from different sources. That’s why we always tell our trade community to collect reviews about their business on different websites, i.e. Google, Checkatrade, their own website etc.
Try this: Collect reviews on Google one week and then collect reviews on your website the next week.

Second, online reviews will naturally contain a number of keywords. Customers will likely detail the job and include words such as “boiler servicing, painting, radiator fix” etc. and with a little bit of luck, might add the location of where the job was undertaken. By encouraging your customers to leave reviews of your business, you’re essentially letting them do some of your marketing for you. To read more about the importance of keywords, take a look here.

Crowd behaviour

Psychologists have found that people are more likely to leave a review for a business when there is already a collection of reviews in place. In short, collecting reviews can generate even more reviews, which in turn will help all of the above.

Join Expert Trades

It’s easy to rely on old word-of-mouth tactics, but more people are using reviews to find out information about businesses than ever before! Get ahead of the crowd and start collecting reviews online straight away. If you need your own website to use as a platform to collect reviews, as well as advertise your services and previous work, take a look here and join thousands of other likeminded tradespeople.

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