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Ideas for Advertising Your Trades Business Online

If you’ve ever wondered how to successfully advertise online for your trade business, then you will want to know more about organic traffic and paid traffic. In our blog post here at Expert Trades, we’ve explained different ways to advertise your business online.


Organic Traffic


You may have come across the term ‘Organic traffic’ & ‘Paid traffic’ but what do they both mean? Well, to put it simply, organic traffic refers to website traffic that has arrived on your website organically. This can be a result of blogging, social media, word of mouth and everything in between. Below, we’ve explained these possibilities in more detail.




Producing unique and quality content is a great approach to improving organic traffic. Whether it’s blog posts or more information about your services, they can help attract more website visitors in the long-run, whilst providing them with much more information relevant to your business.


Social Media


Other than producing content, social media is another great approach for generating organic traffic. Staying active on social media and engaging with your customers is great as you can interact with your audience and promote your website/business to them.


Paid Traffic


As for paid traffic, this regards any advertising/marketing approaches that has cost you money to drive traffic to your website. This could be a range of approaches such as advertising on Google and Facebook Ads. Take a look below at the different options.


Google AdWords


Have you ever performed a Google search and notice the ‘Ad’ listing at the top of the page? Well, this is Google AdWords. Focused on keywords, the listings are a paid form of advertising for the search terms that people are searching. An example being, if you’d like to advertising on Google for search terms relevant to your business or services, you would set a budget and every time this search is conducted and the link to your website is clicked, it will cost you money.


Facebook Ads


Social media platforms offer advertising and marketing options, one being Facebook Ads. Facebook offer an advertising option that can tailor to locations, audiences and aims and objectives. With Facebook Ads, you set a budget and let them take it from there.

For instance, if you want more people on Facebook in Tamworth to visit your website, you could target people living in Tamworth. Facebook will tell you how much has been spent of your budget and the engagement of your Facebook Ad.

Hopefully you found this blog post interesting and useful for your online advertising and marketing efforts. You should also know that, here at Expert Trades, we offer SEO services for tradesmen. SEO can help websites grow organically by creating new and unique content, and that’s what we do, so take a look at our SEO services.