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How to Win Work Through Facebook as a Tradesmen

Social media platforms such as Facebook can be a great marketing tool for tradesmen to connect with potential customers, build relationships with existing customers and win new customers.

What you’ll learn in this blog post:

  • How joining local Facebook groups can improve your visibility as a local business.
  • How creating Facebook offers may encourage customers to choose your business.
  • How Facebook ads can help you find new local customers.
  • How a contest might win your trade business more work through Facebook.


Join Local Facebook Groups


Facebook allows you to create and join groups of other Facebook users. Whether it’s a local marketplace group or a small local book club, there’s plenty out there. With this is mind, you could search for local business groups in the areas you cover as a tradesmen. Doing so may open up a huge group of local potential customers that could be in need of your businesses services.


Create Facebook Offers


If you have a Facebook page for your business, you’ll know that you can create a tab for your page dedicated to offers. If you’re deciding to offer a deal on boiler installations as a heating engineer or you’re considering a special deal for bathroom installations as a plumber, you can create an offers tab for your Facebook audience to find out more about these deals. 

So, don’t just target website visitors with your offers and deals, make sure to promote these through Facebook. You never know, you may receive messages on the social media platform regarding your deal.


Run Facebook Ads


Moving on to Facebook Ads; this is a paid option for using Facebook to potentially win more work as a tradesmen. However, Facebook Ads allows you to tailor and target a particular category of Facebook users; and those in your area too. Start by creating a budget and Facebook will estimate a range of people which your advertisement will reach.

Whilst there’s no guarantee of work, of course, paid advertisements on Facebook might mean they reach the right people to create more customers and more work for your business.


Make a Contest


Finally, you could consider giveaways, contests and other incentives for you businesses Facebook presence. Creating engaging and shareable content with your Facebook audience could also see new customers for your business as a tradesmen.

This could be in the form of a boiler service contest to local customers, if they share your Facebook post with their Facebook friends. Whilst you’re giving away one boiler servicing to a local homeowner, they could have five friends on their friends list who are looking for boiler servicing in your area.

You could also consider offering one lucky winner your services if they comment, like and share your Facebook post. The more people that take action on this post means more people see your post and find out about your business.


Find our blog post interesting?


What do you think? Do you find different ways to reach, generate and win new customers in your area through Facebook? Of course, there’s plenty of ways to go about this process and some may work for one tradesmen which wouldn’t work for the next.

It’s simply about finding out what works best for your business and investing in that procedure to produce results for your business through Facebook. If you found this blog post interesting and can find value from it when you next use Facebook for your business, then that’s great!

Before you go about winning more work through Facebook as a tradesmen, take a look at our other blog post which explains what you need to know about Facebook as a tradesmen. Lastly, if you’d like to find out more about our website package or SEO package here at Expert Trades, then please do! We have helped hundreds of tradesmen create, build and improve their online presence as a tradesmen.