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How to Choose the Right Website Domain Name for Tradesmen

Setting up a website as a tradesmen is a huge step in the online presence of your business. It could essentially be what your potential customers see before they see you face-to-face.


While your overall website should feature a quality design with great content, you should be aware that the domain you choose can have a huge impact on your website.


What’s more, many domain names are already taken, which is another obstacle that could be in the way of finding the best domain for your trade business.


So, if you’re considering rebranding your trade business or you’re in the process of setting up a brand new website, this blog post if for you!


Think about Keywords Related to Your Trade Business


Whether you’re a plumber, heating engineer, electrician, builder or any other trade. You should consider the strong keywords in your trade that will help your website appear in Google search results.


Of course, you do not want to base your website domain entirely around your keywords, but if you can somehow include keywords in your domain whilst keeping your domain brand relevant then it could be beneficial for SEO.


If your brand is ‘ET Plumbing’ but your domain name is, it doesn’t represent your brand as much as it should.


An example of a good solution to this would be something along the lines of ‘’ which includes to keywords, ‘plumbing’ and ‘tamworth’ whilst keeping your brand in mind with ‘ET’ at the beginning.


Whilst this is an example, it should give you a better understanding of the need to use keywords if its a possibility, but do not focus your domain solely on keywords as it won’t represent your brand to potential customers.


Make Sure Your Favourite Domain Name is Available


The internet has been around for years and years. With this in mind, it could be possible that your ideal domain name for your plumbing or electrician business is taken.


However, you should worry, you should write down a list of domain names that you like and decide which one represents your business best.


Take our example below for instance; whilst ‘ETElectrical’ is unavailable as someone already owns the domain, we tried ‘ETElectricalServices’ and again, this domain is unavaiable – Somebody must own the domain.


However, after some thought, we tried ‘ETElectrics’ and this domain is available! If your favourite domain isn’t available or the exact title of your business is taken as a domain, just work around it with close alternatives that you have come up with.


Choosing a Website Domain Extension


If you’re unaware as to what exactly a domain extension is, it is simply the ending of the domain, i.e “” or “.com”. Now, the two previously mentioned are the most popular extensions available for websites, but there are other options available.


However, in most cases, it’s likely “” or “.com” are popular whether you’re a plumber, an electrician or a digital marketing agency such as us here at


However, if you would prefer an alternative extension, it may be because your business name isn’t availabel with the “” or “.com” extension.


If this is the case and you’re adamant that you want your business title exactly how it is, you may have to choose an extension such as “.net” or “.org” or maybe even “.contractors”.


Other Considerations to Make Before Purchasing a Domain Name


Finally, there are a few other considerations that you should make before choosing a domain name for your business.


One of these considerations is to include a word that gives potential customers an understanding of what your business does.


If you’re a plumber but your website is “ETContractors” your potential customers may not visit your website as it doesn’t clearly and initially explain what your business is or does.


Another consideration is too limit your character use. If your website domain name is extremely long, it is harder to remember and type correctly.


This could be an issue if you’re telling customers face-to-face to visit your website, whether it’s to leave a review on your plumbing services or take a look at your bathroom installation gallery images and so on.


Find our Blog Post for Tradesmen Interesting?


Now that you’re aware of the importance for choosing the right website domain name for your trade business, maybe it’s time to finally get your website up and running?


Here at Expert Trades, we help tradesmen in many trades to create, build and improve their online presence with website services. If you’d like to find out more about our website services, head over to the website package page!


Thank you for taking the time in reading our blog post and we look forward to hearing from you.