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Your Guide to the Verified Home Advice Hub

“How does Verified work?” “Why do I have to answer questions from homeowners and what’s in it for me?” Here’s everything you need to know about the Verified Home Advice Hub…

What is the Verified Home Advice Hub?

The Verified Home Advice Hub is a collection of popular questions that homeowners search for on Google; questions like “What is the best Combi boiler?” or “How much does it cost to rewire a house?“.

And underneath these questions are supporting answers from you, specialists in the trade.

Why do we ask you to answer homeowner questions?

First, some context…

In 2017 we launched a review-based platform called ToolTalk; a platform where people in the trade can review their favourite (and least favourite) tools.

Long story short, ToolTalk now performs pretty well in Google; averaging around 100,000 product views per month.

It performs so well because:

A). Each time a trade reviews a product, their review will contain keywords that are relevant to that product.
For example, if you’re reviewing a Baxi 600 Combi boiler, you’re likely going to mention “Baxi” and “Boiler” in your review.
These keywords are useful because they are what help Google understand what the page is about, helping it rank higher when somebody searches for “Baxi 600 review”, for example.

B). Google loves websites that are regularly updated with new content, so each time a new reviews is added, it technically counts as new content on the site.

Why is this relevant? Because we’re applying this same tactic to the Verified Home Advice Hub.

So, if a homeowner searches on Google for “can a locksmith make a key from a lock”, the Verified Home Advice Hub will have, in time, hundreds of answers from locksmiths answering that same specific question. This, in turn, will help the webpage with that question rank higher on Google (as a result of the keywords and the website being updated with new content).

Sounds confusing at first, but to put it simply, Google likes websites with lots of good quality content, which is what we’re relying on you guys to do.

That explains how it ranks.

And then on that page, there’s a little pop-up that reads “need help from a professional?” and then a homeowner will put in their postcode and find a local expert.

That’s the long and the short of it.

In the long-term, all of this content will help Verified rank for generic search terms like “Painter London”, “Plumber Birmingham”, “Electrician Manchester” etc.

How does answering questions help me specifically win work?

So, we’ve already explained how it helps Verified as a whole, but how does answering questions help you specifically win work?

Short and sweet, the number of answers you have, how recently you’ve answered questions etc. etc. will determine where you show up on Verified in your local area.

You can read more about the Verified search algorithm here.

How often do I need to answer questions?

We ask that you spare 10 minutes a month to answer just 2 questions, nothing more.

Can I submit my own questions to the Verified Home Advice Hub?

Yes, and we endorse it. If there’s a question that you keep on getting asked by homeowners and you’ve noticed that it’s not on the Verified Home Advice Hub, let us know. Just drop us a message on live chat in our app, along with your supporting answer, and we’ll get it added.

Are you Verified?

We hope this guide helps you understand the Verified Home Advice Hub a little more. If you’re not Verified yet, make sure you download our app (links below) and join. If you are, make sure you go and answer some more questions on the Verified Home Advice Hub.