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Five Surprising Facts About SEO

Whether you’re looking for a local plumber, painter or plasterer, Google is typically our go-to for answers. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is all about how we optimise our websites for search engines like Google – Helping them recognise our website as a quality source of information that caters to a particular search term, e.g ‘Plumber in Tamworth’.

With this in mind, you may still be oblivious to the power of SEO and how it can help your business. If so, worry not, because in this blog post, we want to help you understand just how essential it is for tradesmen and their websites.

“46% of all Google searches are local”

Don’t think your potential customers are online? Think again, according to the statistic above, nearly half of all Google searches are seeking local information! Without having a strong online presence you could be missing out on being discoverable to thousands of local searches for exactly what you offer. Your website must be fully optimised with quality content to enhance the SEO; allowing you to climb the Google rankings, ready for the large percentage of searches that are made.

“92% of searches will pick businesses on the first page of local search results”

This fact shouts the importance of SEO for your website. Nearly all searches will choose a business on the first page of local search results – And it’s true! When was the last time you clicked through to the seventh page of Google search results when looking for a product or service locally? Or even the third page of Google search results; it just doesn’t happen very often at all. With strong SEO, your website will rank higher whilst allowing you to be able to take advantage of the 92% of potential customers that’ll now see your business because you’re on the first page of Google search results.

“86% of people look up the location of a business on Google Maps”

Haven’t got a website? No Google My Business listing for your business? This could provide a slight problem! As many as 86% of people look up the location of a business on Google Maps. As plumbing business or painting and decorating business rely on local customers, it’s important that potential customers know exactly where you are and how far your business is. If you don’t have either a website or Google My Business listing, you can be certain much of your local competition does! If you’d like to find out more about Google My Business, check out our previous blog post ‘Why Your Trade Business Needs a Google My Business Account’.

“61% of mobile searchers are more likely to contact a local business if they have a mobile-friendly site”

Having a mobile-friendly website is definitely one for your SEO strategy. Why? Because as more and more searches are conducted via mobile devices, you could be losing hundreds if not thousands of website visitors as they simply can’t access your website through mobile. This fact just proves exactly that with over half of mobile searches much more likely to contact your local business if they can navigate your website properly without error.

“88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations.”

Showcasing reviews on your website doesn’t just help potential customers trust your business, it’s also great for SEO purposes! Along with the fact that the majority of consumers trust online reviews just as much as the trust personal recommendations. So, why not ask for online reviews next time you carry out a service for a customer? The more reviews the better the SEO and the trust that’s built.


As is evident from the above statistics and facts, SEO is essential to your digital efforts. These surprising and mind-blowing facts about just how important online reviews are and how often people are searching for a local businesses location are incredible.

If you’re still confused as to exactly what SEO involves and how it can help your trade business, take a look at our previous blog post ‘This is Why Your Website Needs SEO’. Maybe you’re wondering how to get more reviews for your business to improve your SEO? If so, have a read of our other blog post ‘How to Gain More Reviews for Your Trade Business’.

Hopefully by now, you’re a lot more aware of the digital potential for your local business; if you’d like to find out how we can help your business through SEO, get in touch! Simply take a look at the SEO Booster Package on our website.