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Facebook For Tradesmen

Facebook can be a great tool for your trade business; this platforms allows you as a business owner to connect with customers and people local to you. If you’ve ever wondered how to leverage your Facebook presence for your trade business, then you’re in the right place.

Keep Your Page Updated

Imagine attending a local shop with little explanation as to what they do, what they sell and what their customers think. It’s likely you’d decide to head next door to a business that clearly states what they do, what they sell and what their customers think! In this day and age, this scenario can be applied online too.

If your Facebook page for your trade business appears amongst several other plumbers in your area, Facebook users are able to analyse which plumber’s page offers the most information, detail and customer reviews. Whilst Facebook isn’t the be all and end all of your online business presence, it’s a ingredient that should be given more thought than many may believe.

So what do we mean by keeping your Facebook page updated? Simply put, you should make sure that all information and details regarding your business (from contact details to services you offer) are up to date with the appropriate phone number, email address, open hours and much more. Facebook allows for your Facebook page to be highly detailed and you should take advantage of this by adding any information you can.

Stay Active & Responsive

More often than not, business owners lack consistency with their Facebook presence. On top of this, having an inactive Facebook page for your business is most probably worse than not having a Facebook page at all. Why? Well, if customers are trying to contact your plumbing business for their emergency plumbing needs and they receive no response, they’re likely to find another local plumber.

You may have noticed, but Facebook also informs users of a businesses response rate. Before a potential customer contacts you, they can see how responsive you are to customers’ messages; yet, another reason to stay active and responsive to customers.

Finally, you should also ensure that your Facebook page is active on a regular basis. Even if this means a couple of hours a week on a set date. This shows Facebook users that you’re committed to being contactable and you’re an active trade business within the local community.

Engage With Customers

Leading on from staying active and responsive, you should also engage with customers on Facebook! If the content you publish receives comments, you should consider responding to those comments. By doing so, Facebook users establish a relationship with your brand and give your trade business a personality/voice.

Building relationships and connections with customers on Facebook could mean establishing long-lasting business relationships which will continue to use your plumbing business; or any other trade business for that matter.

Post Relevant Content

Now that you understand the importance of being active, responsive and engaging with your customers, you should consider the kind of content you’re going to publish on your Facebook page. This content should remain highly relevant to your business and the services you offer. For example, you could write content regarding a plumbing job you’ve completed during the week.

Maybe you could create tips and advice that could be useful content/information for your customers. You could even publish images of the work you’ve done and explain a little bit about the job you’ve done. This particular content is informative, educational and sometimes interesting for customers to read about.

A Facebook page should be entirely committed to promoting your business and the content published is a reflection of your business which anyone and everyone can view on Facebook.

Collect Facebook Reviews

As well as your website, Facebook is a great place to showcase reviews from your customers. You should always advise your customers to leave reviews on Facebook. Why? Well, whilst not everyone may visit your website, it’s likely they may find you on Facebook. On top of this, Facebook showcases reviews that your business has received on Google search listing through star symbols. It’s also best practice to link your social media presence from your website to your Facebook page and vise-versa. If your website visitors arrive at your Facebook page, they should find many great reviews from your customers.

On That Note

Of course, there’s plenty more great features and strategies you can apply to your Facebook business presence, but these are what we thought would be most important to tradesmen. Hopefully by now, you have a better understanding of the importance for using Facebook for your trade business.

If you’d like to find out how Expert Trades can help your business with setting up a Facebook page, take a look at our service for exactly that on our online shop!