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Choosing the Right Keywords for Your Trade Website

Choosing the right keywords to include in your website content gives Google a better understanding of what your website is all about.

The more Google recognises these keywords and phrases, the more likely they are to place your website in front of the people searching terms related to you keywords.

But how do you choose the right keywords as a tradesmen?

Think and Write Like a Client

A powerful way to understand what your customers are searching on Google is to think and write like them.

What would you search on Google if you wanted to find the services your local trade business offers?

This is a great exercise as you can avoid any technical words that your customers may have never heard.

For instance, while many heating engineer will understand the term ‘CP12 Certificate’ it isn’t a search term widely used by landlords who are searching Google for landlord gas safety checks and certificates services.

In fact, we found that ‘CP12 Certificate’ had a search volume of just 390 Per month. Whilst ‘landlord gas safety certificate’ had a healthy search volume of 1,600 Per month.

That’s a staggering 1,210 search difference per month!

As you can imagine, there’s most likely more landlords searching for the keyword ‘landlord gas safety certificate’ and so your website content should reflect that.

Conclusively, you should think like your clients, write like your clients and communicate your website content to mirror their search queries.

Analyse Your Competitors

The chances are there’s plenty of other local trade businesses offering the same services as yours.

By analysing their content, you could gain a greater insight into how they are targeting the right customers through quality keywords.

Start with considering the services you would like to target with your website. This could be boiler installations, powerflushing, smart thermostat installations and so on.

Once you know this, take a look at other competitors in your area and the keywords/phrases they emphasis on in their content for these services.

However, you should know that whilst this is a great idea, it doesn’t necessarily mean your competitors are using the best keywords. So make sure to carry out your own research into the right keywords, just to be safe!

Research the Right Keywords

One of the most effective ways to find the right keywords and phrases is simple to research.

There are many online tools for researching the right keywords, but many do cost money. Yet there are exceptions such as Google AdWords Keyword Tool or Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest.

These tools allow you to effectively sift through keywords and find the right keywords to boost your content.

They identify the search volume of the keywords, the competition of a keyword and sometimes other related keywords that might be useful.

Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest has provided results for the keywords ‘Boiler Installation Birmingham’.

The data shows that 170 people search this term on a monthly basis, along with the difficulty of the keywords and other useful data.

To conclude, researching into the best keywords for your trade business may be time-consuming, but it could well be a very good investment of your online marketing efforts.

To summarise, keywords are an important aspect of optimising your website.

They help you identify how your customers are searching for your services online and what exactly they are searching.

The above tips may be time-consuming for a trade business owner, but implemented well, you could reap the benefits of a quality SEO website for months or even years to come.

Did you find out blog post useful? Hopefully you can now begin to make better use of the keywords and phrases you write in your website content.

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