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Checking in with our 3Phase customers

In this blog post, we’d like to take the chance to check in on the progress of some of our 3Phase customers.

We’re constantly looking to improve our SEO and online marketing service, a large part of that includes reviewing our accounts. We find the success stories, as well as the challenges, and talk about them here so that we know what works best.

A look at our 3Phase customers

Hunters Glass

We’re very happy with the number of leads we’ve been able to generate for Hunters Glass, who’s been on 3Phase for a while with us. Since the beginning of September, 38 people have clicked one of the phone numbers to get in touch, while another 51 used the contact form to send a message.

Hunters Glass calls

We’ve specifically been tracking how people are getting in touch (i.e. which page they’re on when they submit a message through the contact form). We found that only a couple of people used the contact form on the homepage, while 17 submitted a quote request through a Service landing page, and most people (32) used the contact page itself to get in touch.

Hunters Glass monthly users


Since High-Deco-UK first joined 3Phase, we’ve successfully been able to almost double the number of users visiting the website every month, from 23 to 43 per month.

We believe a large part of this has been our ability to create compelling content for the business Facebook page, such as the post below.

High-Deco-UK 3Phase

United Heating

We’ve been able to make very healthy progress for United Heating, most notably in the area of Stockwood, which is one of the main towns we’ve been targeting. We’re now ranking on Page 1 for all keywords we’re tracking in Stockwood.

United Heating Stockwood

Vital Plumbers

Sometimes, when it comes to more competitive areas, we need to focus our approach in order to make gains. This has been the case for Vital Plumbers, based in Hertfordshire. Previously, we’ve been doing our SEO work on areas such as St Albans and Welwyn Garden City which have a lot of established competition with a strong online presence. We’ve since decided to be laser-focused and concentrate our efforts on Harpenden, which is the area we’re currently ranking best in.

Vital Plumbers Boiler service Harpenden

Warming Wakefield

Similarly, we’ve chosen that a laser-focused approach is what’s best for Warming Wakefield as well. We’ve decided that by focusing on Wakefield first, we can make serious gains in Google search results there before we shift our attention to other local cities and towns such as Leeds and Barnsley.

Warming Wakefield 3Phase

Interested in 3Phase?

If you’d like to find out more about how Expert Trades can help your business grow, please check out our 3Phase service. We offer 3Phase exclusively to our Website Package customers to help them establish a strong online presence and generate more leads for them in the long term.