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CGCS: What 109 Engineers Had To Say

Capita Gas Compliance Services (CGCS). What Installers Think.

A survey on the launch of the the new CGCS scheme by Capita.

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Capita Gas Compliance Services (CGCS) has launched a new UKAS accredited gas safety certification scheme and we wanted to share what 100 Gas Safe Registered Heating Engineers have to say about it.

Expert Trades is building the largest community of trades professionals in the UK. We aim to amplify our members voice and unite them as there are strength in numbers.

We saw a large number of threads and tweets relating to this new scheme so wanted to collect some feedback from the heating community and share it on our blog.

We opened the survey up for 12 hours and have compiled the results below.

NOTE: This post contains no subjective narrative from Expert Trades. As we are not registered installers we wanted to keep the insights from registered engineers only.

The results below are based off the answers of 109 Gas Safe Registered heating engineers. We use a Net Promoter Score (NPS®) to calculate how popular an idea is. It is a commonly used method and is calculated by subtracting the percentage of respondents who are Detractors from the percentage who are Promoters. (0 – 100.0 = -100.0, rounded to -100)

  • Detractors: People who voted 0-6
  • Passives: People who voted 7-8
  • Promoters: People who voted 9-10

As a general rule of thumb a score of 30 or more is considered good with all scores aiming to be above 0 as this suggests a nett positive feeling towards an idea.

Let’s get into the survey results with the first question.

 How are you feeling about the introduction of the new scheme?




At first we wanted to understand the initial feelings of those taking the survey so we asked a very straight forward question. The scoring system was based zero to ten, with o being ‘Truly disgusted‘ and 10 being ‘It will lift the bar for the whole industry‘.

Below are the scores:

What do you most get asked when fitting a boiler?

The second question we asked was to get an understanding of how the homeowner currently interacts with the engineer. This was due to the large number of posts we saw relating to the fact a new scheme will only add confusion to what is already a confused state of affairs.


In your own words why do you feel this scheme was introduced?

We were keen to get an understanding, in the installers own words, why they felt this new scheme was introduced.

Results for open ended questions are visualised in a wordcloud, showing you the most frequently used words in replies. Please see the wordcloud for this question below.



To help add more context to the results for this question we wanted to share a random sampling of 10% of the replies we received. Please see below.

I think this new Scheme, will confuse the general public too much. People are just getting used to GasSafe. And getting over Corgi!. The general public don’t ask about GasSafe. They assume, if your a Gas Heating Engineer. You will have the correct qualifications. ( I am Not a Heating Engineer btw). However I was looking into becoming one. But to have to pay for two scheme’s running side by side.  I don’t see the benefit, I would get. Also you have created a “Limbo” situation. Regards to  Colegs.  Who are freezing training based on this new Scheme!

To take more money off hard working engineers, already struggling to deal with people shopping on internet and trying to hammer every bodies prices down.

Primarily to generate income for Capita at the expense of gas safe registered installers. And to cause confusion amongst the general public.

Pointless. Gas safe is there to regulate our industry. No need for another! There wouldn’t be a problem if you didn’t have to pay to join. If it was free/voluntary everyone would join!!

Another way to get money out of gas engineers. Gas safe should do there job and make customers more aware of illegal engineers and prosecute them harder.

We must ensure that people that carry out gas work without the certs are caught ,not add to what honest qualified people have to deal with already.I spend a fair amount of time reading gas reg updates as it is ,i don’t need another lot to be looking at for conformation.we need clear and concise guidance on good practice, without referring to paragraph x then see guidance notes y and for any valid updates under the new guidelines that may be reviewed under the new scheme, and pay even more money out for an ever decreasing market.

In my opinion the scheme is another making money scheme and its aim to devalue gas safe and make a top tier system is clear and to make anyone that is not part of feel and look like a poor engineer. No doubt you will all of a sudden need to be a member of this scheme to get certain work contracts, British Gas are part of this top tier and they are well know in the trade for some shocking installations and have been slated by the consumer group WHICH for not carrying out gas servicing to the required level so making the scheme as a top tier gas scheme is laughable. Plain and simple this scheme is solely to make money.

Extort even more money out of us. Disgusting!

Money for old rope! This is a voluntary scheme as I understand. It’s seems someone has dreamt this up as a money making scheme. It undermines what Gas Safe Register is supposed to do. Why not restructure Gas Safe to be more pro active. The public hardly recognise Gas Safe and bringing another logo for the public to understand will not work. I myself take Gas Safety very serious. I have something called a conscience, there are guys that have come in to this industry with little experience and are a danger and only care about money.

To make money out of Gas Safe companies that are already paying for the government HSE ran service that already confirms that companies are working within the strict criteria set by HSE.”

It seems to be a money making thing.  Why are they going after gas safe registered installers, when the problem is the cowboys? The customer is already confused between  corgi and gas safe.


What changes do you think this will make to the industry and to your business in particular?

This question was asked with a goal of discovering, from the installers persepctive, what impact this scheme will have to the industry and their own business. Again this was an open question so the results are shared in the wordcloud below to visualise the results. We have also included another 10% random sampling of replies below the wordcloud.

Even higher overheads meaning less time spent on jobs, and ultimately a poorer product for the customer. I live in an area of Britain that is certainly in the top 10 of the poorest areas, making it difficult to firstly win a job because the customers earn less than the national average, meaning we charge less to get the work. There is not enough money in the industry to warrant another hoop to jump through! Absolutely disgusting! The customers couldn’t care less, all they care about is the cheapest job possible!

Nothing just add more confusion to the public leaving the doors wide open to Idiots who are not registered.

It won’t effect me from a Gas Heating Engineer /installer. Because I am not one.  But it will create more competition for wet work plumbing. As a lot of GasSafe Engineer’s  may drip out of the heating industry. What you have to consider is. What purpose does this new Scheme serve . Is it for the wider / bigger company in the Construction industry & Official College’s. And will this effect the Ltd & Sole Traders Boiler Installer.

I think it will further confuse the public into who to get for their gas work. I find a lot of customers still say “are you Corgi” so bringing another scheme into the equation will not help. But mainly it will appear that if you don’t sign up and pay, that you are no good, which is far from it, I’ve passed all my acs every 5years, which proves that I am well capable.

I have no intention of joining this pathetic scheme . However I do worry about future tendering.if I am up against a company that has been gullible enough to join the scheme then it could greatly reduce my chances of winning the contract.

None. The big boys eg BG, N Power, Help Link will join but smaller companies won’t bother. Why would we?? Most people ask if I’m Corgi registered!! They don’t know who Gas safe are let alone this new money making scheme.

It will create confusion amongst customers as they barely know about gas safe register so to introduce another accredited scheme is potentially dangerous.

It will make no difference as the only people who sign up will be the reputable businesses who already work to a good standard. These reputable businesses will obviously become proportionately more expensive to run due to the additional cost which will make the cowboys and chancers who do poor quality, cheap installs look even more attractive.

It will lead to even more confusion among the public. All registered businesses are supposed to be deemed competent to work safely. There is no need for this scheme which will just lead to more expense for businesses.

None at all .unless you force it apon us as a case of you must have this or you won’t be GSR This could and will close a lot of sole traders down like my self who have spent a shed load of money investing in a small business .. Totally unfair.

Customers will still not care. That’s what acs training and gas safe is for. I will go out of my way to see this scheme scrapped. #pointlessrobbery.

How likely are you to qualify in the new UKAS accredited gas safety certification scheme?

Whether an installer agreed or disagreed with the roll out of the new scheme we wanted to put that into context of how many people would be applying to join / qualify in it. We have already seen previously that not one answer to the survey believed this would positively impact the industry as no scores fell into the passive category (NPS score of 7-8), never mind a promoter (NPS score of 9-10).

Below are the results that indicate how many people are likely to qualify still in the new scheme.

What else do you have to say about the new CGCS scheme?

To draw the survey to a conclusion we wanted to give installers a chance to add any final comments. Below is another random sampling of the 87 engineers of the 109 that added comments in this optional field.

It belittles gas safety register. Don’t worry if your not good enough for cgcs you can always be gas safe. We pay enough to be gas safe. If it’s safety and quality that’s a concern inspect and ban more cowboy installers. This is another money making scheme. NO ONE I’ve asked customers or installers have even heard of UKAS. some customers not even heard of gas safe! So how about the put the money to use and improve gas safe with more inspections, more on site visits and clamping down on the rough installers putting people’s lives at risk.”

This scheme will undermine the Gas Safe Register, mislead customers and cause additional unnecessary expense to small companies. As with the Green Deal only large companies will be able to afford membership and small businesses will lose business.

People should boycot this scheme. Engineers don’t have to take this nonsense. If fat cats think they can sit in an office and demand money for no service then they should be strung up for extortion.”

Do not like the idea of Capita the company that runs Gas Safe on behalf of the HSE having another link to Gas Safe companies this is one of the reasons Corgi lost the scheme. They are starting this because the HSE are reviewing who will be running the Gas Safe scheme and they need a contingency plan in case their licence is not renewed.

I feel the man power and time this new scheme will take should be invested on actually removing inadequate engineers liscences. The main issue I feel Is colleges have a need to pass trainees even if they are not good enough as they don’t get any funding without a pass. This is counter productive as they just resit them until they pass.

It is not required. If a company wishes to have its quality systems tested there is ISO 9001 and ISO 9002. It is highly questionable that another Capita company is running this scheme alongside the Gas Safe Register. Monopolies commission should be informed.

It seems like you want more money out of the sole traders . Not fair. I gave a family to support With all the outer exams we have to take now this as well now I have contracts with housing trusts as well if I must have this as well just to keep my job I will have to but I’m not happy with it. But how are you going to police this the GSR can’t police them selfs with illegal’s . Total shit

Why undermine the gas safe register with this new accreditation? If you truly want to raise the standards (which I believe s a worthy cause) then do so by modifying the current gas safe requirements. A new accreditation will bring confusion, costs the industry more for no gain, and potentially undermine what is already a scheme without too little awareness by the general public. There are businesses that shouldn’t be on the register, but many more that work to the highest standards. It is unfair to penalise those businesses because the current scheme is unable to act on those businesses that bring the standards down. Most of what you are suggesting via the UKAS route could be made mandatory for all gas safe registered businesses. This will raise the standards across the industry, not just to those business that feel the need to prove themselves to the organisations that may be looking for this level of accreditation.

CGCS is not needed, we already have the Gas Safe Register which also claims to improve & maintain gas safety to the highest standards. You cannot have 2 schemes doing the same thing- It will only confuse the industry & public alike. CGCS blatantly undermines the Gas Safe Register. What is needed is for the current scheme (Gas Safe) to improve, especially their brand & public awareness, which will have a positive effect on the whole industry.”

This is a none entity scheme framed up by people only driven by profits and share holders dividends. As a 27 year veteran of the gas industry this makes a mockery of gas safe and only bears out that is the engineers have no voice within our industry. Furthermore I would love to know how this was launched on Friday and already has 2 fully signed up and qualified members……. quite frankly it stinks of corruption. Another stealth tax for my industry.

I’ve just put a 0 because I’m not gonna waste my time or money on a stupid scheme like this, shouldn’t be allowed it is down to us engineers what should be create and done but there’s the biggest problem of all capita/gas safe don’t really listen to us small time businesses but we make us the biggest chuck of gas safe and things have to change for the better not for money but safety and this new scheme is gonna create major problems.

This is purely a money making exercise, it not needed or wanted, the public don’t know what gas safe is so sure as hell won’t know what CGCS is. It appears to suggest that if you join this scheme you are all of a sudden better qualified that the next GSR engineer- who holds the exact same qualifications. Nonsense. This will start as a voluntary scheme but I have no doubt that if they get their foot in the door it will become mandatory meaning we all have to sign up- then what sets us apart? At this point, all that has happened is that we are in the same position as we already are now except we are a bit financially worse off while they are laughing all the way tithe bank! DONT LET IT HAPPEN, DONT JOIN CGCS!



That draws us to the end of the survey results. Below is a list of links that may interest you:

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