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Our biggest ever update to the Website Package

We’re delighted to announce that our biggest ever update to the Website Package is now live! I want to quickly cover off why we made these updates and what it means for your website.

Why did we make these updates?

A while back, Google announced that it would be releasing its “Page Experience” update in May 2021 (now being pushed back to mid-June) which would affect how websites are ranked.

When we heard the news in 2020, we wanted to make sure we did everything we could to make sure that our websites were ready for this update.

Google made it clear that “Page Experience” would play a bigger role in determining how it will rank websites. By “page experience” Google means the overall experience your website users have when visiting your site.

Is your website quick to load? That’s good experience.
Is your website laid out in a way that makes sense? That’s good experience.
Is your website easy to navigate? That’s good experience.

By making these changes now, we’re looking to stay ahead of the curve and improve how your website ranks in Google. This in turn will help your website generate leads for your business.

What’s included in our biggest ever update?

We made a whole series of wide-reaching updates to the Website Package, including major and minor changes. The 3 main areas we wanted to target and improve were:

  1. Website Speed: How quickly your website loads
  2. User experience: How a website visitor uses your website
  3. Technical SEO: The things you can’t see on your website (like code) but that Google takes into account

Website speed

Improving your website’s loading speed is important because 1) a slow-loading website puts off potential customers from using your website and 2) this plays a part in how Google ranks your website.

In order to improve your website speed we:

  • Installed the PageSpeed module on our servers
  • Upgraded our servers using a later version of PHP
  • Installed a system that helps automatically compress images that are uploaded (keeping file sizes small)
  • Started serving images in newer, quicker formats (JPEG 2000 and WebP)

User Experience

We also wanted to improve the experience that website visitors have when they visit your website. In order to do this, we:

  • Increased the size of contact details and buttons so that they stand out better
  • Made text more readable (especially while the website is loading images etc.)
  • Updated other design and styling elements
  • Improved mobile layout
  • Updated the “Thank You” screen that customers see when they submit a message through your contact form
  • Condensed the size of the contact form so it doesn’t take up too much space

Technical SEO

This is the boring stuff that you don’t get to see on the website (for example, the code for your website). However, Google sees this and it impacts how it ranks your website in Google. As part of the Technical SEO updates we made, we:

  • Updated HMTL tags to be more SEO-friendly
  • Updated our robots.txt file
  • Condensed and minified our CSS and JS files
  • Updated some of our icons
  • Started to preload key requests
  • Started to defer offscreen images
  • Started to pre-connect to required origins
  • Eliminated render-blocking resources

As well as these major areas, we also made other improvements such as updating our anti-spam system.

Have a question? Get in touch

If you have any questions about the updates we’ve made and how this affects your website, please just get in touch with the Website team today!

If you’re not already a Website customer and you’d like to find out more, please check out our Website Package page.