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An Electrician’s Guide to Having a Website

As many small to medium size businesses begin to build their online presence, the same should apply to electricians. As an electrician, you may be thinking “How do I take the first step to having a website?” or “Why do I need a website?” If these questions have ever crossed your mind, then let us explain, here at Expert Trades.


Create Optimised Quality Content


There’s plenty of approaches to creating quality, search engine optimised content for your electrician website. The first to consider is blogging; whilst blogging can seem a daunting task, the potential results for your electrician website are huge. You should first consider what your website visitors would like to read about if they landed on your blog. For instance, as an electrician, you could consider writing content about how to save money on energy bills, lighting design options and guides to different electrical appliances, such as consumer units. This kind of content may appeal to website visitors, all whilst improving the SEO of your website overall.

Other forms of creating content include writing about your services. As you offer electrical services to certain areas, you could create individual pages on your website dedicated to each service. For instance, if you could write 300 to 1,000 words on house rewire services, then do it, and make sure to include the areas you cover throughout the content. This kind of content is what Google will recognise your website for. You can bet on climbing the Google Search results for ‘House Rewires in ______’ if you’re including these keywords throughout the content.

The final piece of content to focus on from an SEO perspective could be the ‘About’ section on your website. This section is where you can really drive home the services you offer, the locations you offer your services to and why website visitors should choose your electrician business! Again, for this section of your website, make sure to include many keywords around your services and locations and write 300 – 500 words about your business.


Showcase Your Expertise


Other than producing quality optimised content for your website, you should also consider creating a gallery/portfolio of your electrician work for your website. Believe it or not, Google recognises gallery images as content and therefore this will help with improving the SEO of your website. In addition to this, electrician may have one of the best gallery possibilities, as they have the option of capturing great images of amazing lighting installations and much more.

Another way to showcase your expertise to website visitors is by displaying the accreditation of your business. Whether you discuss these throughout your content or add the logos of accreditations such as NICEIC. By adding accreditations to your website, you can really illustrate professionalism to your website visitors.


Let Your Customers Be Heard


Finally, we want to discuss reviews/testimonials. When website visitors visit your website, they may wonder where your reviews are; especially as you provide local trade services. Many people rely on reviews before making purchasing decision and therefore reviews are crucial to your website as an electrician. In addition to this, Google treats reviews as they would gallery images, by using these to improve the SEO of a website. However, not only do they have the potential to boost your SEO, then also show website visitors that you are a reputable business. If your website doesn’t currently have many reviews, then simply ask customers! The more reviews your website has the better for both SEO and reputation.

So, are you ready to take your electrician business to new heights with a brand new website? If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, having read our blog post, why not find out how we can help? At Expert Trades, we don’t just write about online marketing for trade businesses, we also build an online presence for trade businesses. So, take a look at our website package and don’t hesitate to get in touch!