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A Guide to Having a Website for Plumbers

Having a website is vital for all small businesses in this day and age. However, what prevents many small businesses from launching their online presence is the twists, turns and complexities of building a website. Here at Expert Trades, we have created a short and reliable guide to having a website for plumbers.

Strong SEO

If you’re completely oblivious to the term SEO and what it involves, then let us explain! SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the techniques involved in improving the search ranking of your website. By optimising the content of your website with quality, unique content that is also rich with keywords (i.e. what you want to rank for), your website can begin to climb higher for those particular search terms.

For instance, by optimising your website for ‘Plumbers in Tamworth’ when a person searches for ‘Plumbers in Tamworth’ your website is up there and ready for them to find! Why is SEO important for a plumber’s website? Because it means your website is easier to discover and helps to better target your local audience. Meaning more people visiting your website and more leads coming through.

When creating the content of your plumbing website, it’s important to think about what people would search to find you on Google and what details and information people want to know about you from your website, such as accreditations, qualifications etc.

Website Design

Website design is a factor that typically doesn’t do justice to small businesses. This is because more often than not, many small businesses opt for free a website through different platforms online. With this, both their website is limited in appearance and functionality. In regards to plumbers’ websites, this can be a challenge as having the necessary and relevant website design is crucial for their plumbing business.

What this means is, as a plumber, your website should have:

Services page – somewhere to showcase what plumbing services you offer.

Gallery page –  to showcase your previous plumbing work achievements.

Contact page – so potential customers and leads can get in touch with you.

Reviews page –  Somewhere for customers to refer to before making the decision whether to go ahead with your plumbing services.  

Yet, many websites for plumbers and small businesses fail to achieve the appropriate website design and content. To put this point into perspective, it is essentially like a shop with alphabetically organised products that are inaccurately displayed, in other words, it’s hard to find what you’re looking for.

Website Support

Finally, before going ahead with building a website, it’s important to consider the following:

  • How much time can you devote to building a website?
  • How much knowledge do you have of building websites?
  • How often will my website require time for maintenance, updates and improvements?

In a nutshell, you must decide whether or not you have enough time, understanding and availability for the demands of building and maintaining a quality website for your plumbing business. This is an important factor of having a website as a plumber because it is often the case that plumbers and tradesmen alike are too busy to be building a website for their business and with this in mind, having a website isn’t free – So getting it right first time is important.

If, like hundreds of our tradesmen, you’d like professionals to take care of your entire website and much more, why not find out more? Here at Expert Trades, we offer SEO solutions, saving you the time of writing optimised content, a Website Package that has been well received by hundreds of plumbers across the country and finally, we offer website support for your plumbing business so you need not worry about any of the points above, as we’ll take care of everything. If you’re ready to have us build your website, take a look at our shop here.