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5 Tips for Blogging for Tradesmen

Many local businesses, including tradesmen, overlook the potential of blogging. This cost-effective marketing activity can provide many benefits for a tradesmen’s digital business presence. Since we’ve covered the advantages of blogging in our previous blog post, we’re going to tell you our 5 tips for blogging for your trade business!

The Right People, The Right Goals

Before jumping straight into typing up your first blog post for your website, you should identify what you want to achieve with your blogging efforts and who you want to target; who would be your ideal reader? By understanding these factors, you can tailor your content appropriately, to the right people with the right goals. For instance, your goal may be to increase website traffic (the amount of people visiting your website) and your demographic may be homeowners in Birmingham who are need of boiler services.  

Once you’ve established these insights, you can begin tailoring content to this demographic. This means that you should plan and create unique and original content that accommodates your homeowner in Birmingham who needs boiler services. Below are a few examples of the ideas that you could come up with for your blog:

“Five Benefits of Installing a New Boiler”

“Different Types of Boilers Explained”

“When Should I Service My Boiler?”

With your blog, you must create engaging, informative, educational and somewhat entertaining content that answers the questions of your potential customers, remains relevant and on topic and befits your trade business’ operations.

Planning and Executing Your Content

Like any other aims and objectives your trade business may have, you must plan ahead, and this same effort applies to your blogging activity. To maintain a consistent blog, you must plan, plan, plan; this wards off obstacles such as writer’s block, inefficient time management and low quality content. Whether you create a content calendar or simply plan, create and schedule your content ahead of time, you can stay on top of your blogging efforts with much more ease by simply planning.  

Share, Share, Share

Now that you’ve begun creating quality content for your trade business, you should think about the different social media channels that you can share your new content. This is especially important if your trade business has a popular Facebook page, as you can share your content with the local community which could land them on your website – Closer to your contact form than their Facebook feed. Social media can be a great tool for your trade business and if you have a presence on other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and so on, evaluate if you can reach your demographic through promoting on those platforms.  

Optimise Your Content

It’s all well and good writing great content, but if it isn’t optimised for your website’s SEO, then you’re missing a huge opportunity to really take your website to new heights. Producing original content on your website can be great for organic growth of your website. However, to fully optimise your blogging efforts, you should consider researching and including the right keywords that your ideal customers are searching on Google. 

Google also recognises other qualities of your content such as length and styling. We recommend that your blog posts range from 500 words and 1,000 words and you bold or italicise certain keywords and phrases. So why bother optimising your content for SEO purposes? Well, if you want to get the best out of your blogging activities, optimising your content will help to boost your website up the Google search rankings. If you’re website is ranking on the first page for ‘Boiler Installation in Tamworth’ due to your blogging efforts, then your business will be more visible and discoverable!

Create a Personality & Voice

Nobody enjoys reading the work of an author who doesn’t have any particular writing style, voice or personality; they are qualities we appreciate as readers and something your trade business should establish early on in your blogging efforts. By introducing these characteristics in your content, you can help humanize your business and better connect with your readers and potential customers on a personal level. These written qualities can also help build authority amongst your readers.

Hopefully you found these blogging tips valuable and you can now begin blogging with a greater understanding of your goals and audiences. If you’d like us here at Expert Trades to help you with your blogging and SEO efforts, take a look at our SEO Booster Package service!