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5 Reasons Tradesmen Should Have a Website

A website allows tradesmen to advertise their services, showcase gallery images, collect reviews and win more work online. Here are some of the reasons as to why having a website is so important…

Phonebook < Internet

The Yellow Pages will cease production in January 2019 and focus its efforts online, following the path taken by many other offline publications like the NME. Why? With over 40 million daily Internet users in the UK, offline marketing channels are quickly losing their effectiveness.
Consumers no longer use phonebooks to find local trades/businesses; they use Google instead. In fact, 46% of all searches on Google are local searches, highlighting the importance of being online and on Google. Get a website, get on Google, get found online and beat the competition.

Customer expect a website

In the 21st century, consumers expect your business to have a website. In fact, 60% of consumers expect businesses to have at least some form of online presence, whether that’s in the form of a website, social media or listings on any online directories.
Meanwhile, 52% of consumers visit a businesses website to find out more information about a business. Without a website, customers can never find this information and they’ll go elsewhere to one of your competitors.


Websites are another marketing channel

There are lots of marketing channels for tradesmen, a website is just another to add to the list. Yet with a website, you’re in control.
Whilst you can control most things on other marketing channels, like the content on your social media page and listing information on directories, you can’t control what people say about your brand. With a website, you can put up a wall that shows only the very best content and create a webpage that consumers never forget.

24/7 presence

Rather than close up shop at 5pm and switch off the phone, a website allows consumers to get in touch with your business at any time of the day. If a customer wants to book a boiler service at 3am, they can.

Beat the competition with a website

Once a consumer knows what they want, 72% of the time they’ll go on Google to undertake research. That’s 7 in 10 customers that you could potentially win work from by being on Google. If your website isn’t on Google, that’s 7 in 10 customers that your business is losing to competitors.
Remember, if a customer finds your business and is pleased with your service, they might just recommend you to family and friends, helping you win work from those other 3 in 10 customers.

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