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3PHASE update: February 2021

Since first launching 3PHASE in July 2020, we’ve learned a great deal about the best ways to create value for our customers, whether that’s through email marketing or increasing website rankings via SEO.

In this blog post, we’re going to look at some of the recent success stories for our trades currently on 3PHASE.

Increased traffic and Facebook stories

Castle Heating Ltd have had 157 new users visit their website in the last month alone, not even taking into consideration people who have visited their website recently.

We’ve also achieved success with something new we’ve been trying out, namely Facebook stories. We created custom imagery for this and found that they got great feedback and increased visibility of the Facebook page. Here’s an example below:

Increasing Google My Business visibility

With iGas Heating, the main thing that stood out to us when reviewing January’s numbers was the number of people that saw their Google Business listing, which was 1254 times. There are a few factors that have contributed to this, a couple of which are the Google Business posts we have been publishing every week as well as replying to Google reviews. These not only look great and help show off the professionalism of iGas Heating, but these actions contribute to how Google decides to rank local listings.

Pushing renewables

Pipeline Plumbing Services Ltd have identified renewables as an area of the market they see expanding and want to break into. We’ve taken that feedback on board and are glad to see that they are currently ranking first position in Google for Air Source Heat Pumps in Pulborough, Storrington and Billingshurst, the 3 main areas they want to focus on.

Blog post that drove results

Bog Standard Plumbing have received an influx of underfloor heating enquiries after a particularly successful blog post we published back in December. Using headings that stand out and clear call-to-actions, we have created a post that has worked really well for this website.

Email marketing success

SJL Plumbing and Heating Ltd had an email go out out their behalf with the theme of “Preparing for Winter.” We’re delighted with how this email performed, with over two thirds of customers opening the email. In terms of email marketing, that’s great to see. The email went down really well and did something great, which was reconnect SJL Plumbing and Heating Ltd with customers they hadn’t heard from at all for years. We’ve attached a screenshot of Stephen’s feedback below:

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